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PrismmXII Color Analysis Training Program Overview

The PrismXII training program has been created as a simple method to learn the Sci\ART color system created by the late Kathryn Kalisz. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles required to perform a 12-tone color analysis in the exact way that it was originally designed.

The PrismXII training program does not attempt to re-write the ‘script’. It does not enhance, elaborate or eliminate anything from the original manuscript. It simply opens the door for more people to understand, and practice, this highly acclaimed color analysis system.

As a fully qualified Sci\ART color analyst, trained personally by Kathryn Kalisz, I have worked for over 5 years as a color analyst, both in the US and the UK. Using the guidelines and principles taught to me by Kathryn, the Sci\ART process has proven to me, time and time again, to be the most effective and accurate color analysis system in the world.

My goal is make this unique color analysis system available in locations around the world. The training will provide all the tools necessary for you to develop a color analysis business, using the knowledge and broad experience that I have gained during my journey through the fascinating world of color analysis.

In addition to the full training program of three modules, a ‘custom-built’ training program is available. You choose only the elements of the full training program that interest you… from just the very basics of the Munsell color system, to how to recognize the seasonal tones and incorporate color awareness into your life.

MODULE 1 will include:
• What is Color?
• The Benefits of Color Analysis
• The Natural Order of Color
• The Visible Spectrum
• Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors; Analogous, Monochromatic & Complementary colors
• The Pioneers of Color Analysis
• Munsell Color Theory & System: Hue, Value & Chroma; Description, the color ‘clock’ & the 3 “dials”
• Color Analysis: 4 Seasons vs. 12 Tones; 12 Tone Seasonal Analysis & Color Harmony
• The 12 Seasonal Tones; Characteristics of the 12 Tones; Shapes & Elements of the 12 Tones
• 12 Tones Essence Colors
Cost $ 550

MODULE 2 will include:
12-seasonal tone drapes study workshop using fabric chosen by Kathryn Kalisz
Cost:$ 350

MODULE 3 will include:
• The Analysis – How it works
• The Draping Sequence; how to use the Red Test, the 4 True Seasons Test and the Neutral Tones Test
• Opposing & Harmonizing Effects
• Skin Undertones & eye colors, the Fitzpatrick Skin Test,
• Color Personalities: description, traits and characteristics
• Seasonal styles
• How to set up a studio; Checklist for a PCA
• Equipment & Supplies; Color books/palettes/fans
• Additional tools & useful resources
• Business requirements & recommendations
Cost: $950

When making your selections, please note the following:
• Certification as a fully qualified color analyst on completion of Modules 1 – 3
• Modules 1 requires a full day in the studio
• Module 2 is available as a single selection, and is a ½ day course
• Costs are charged in $USD
• Sales tax, where applicable, will be added to the invoice
• A deposit of 30% of your selection total will be required to confirm your selections

Testimonial from a recent trainee:
When I read that Nikki was offering training in the principles of the Sci\ART method, and that students would be using fabrics selected by Kathryn Kalisz, I felt it was an opportunity I could not pass up, and I have not been disappointed. After completing modules 1 and 2, I sent the following in an email to Nikki: "Despite being tired last night, I read the training guide cover to cover. Once I started I couldn't put it down, and I was really struck by how much work has clearly gone into it. I know it's going to be a fantastic reference piece for me in future, and it really hit me that I am so lucky to have this opportunity to train with you."

Since then I've re-read the guide and other materials, and worked on learning - really learning - the answers to a set of questions Nikki devised about colour theory and PCA. I've been interested in colour analysis for 25 years and had studied a lot on my own, so I thought. Nothing really compares to seeing and working with the drapes under Nikki's guidance.
I really cannot recommend training with Nikki highly enough - her knowledge, commitment and professionalism are of the highest standard - and I hope she won't edit this out, but just look at the photo of her on her website! She looks amazing, and natural, you can even see her real skin. Personally that is what I wanted for myself, and what I want to be able to offer future clients. I feel like choosing to do this training is one of the most important decisions I have ever made.

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